Our Story

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Dryrain Technologies was founded in 2009 and is based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Mobile development is in their DNA. They were founded with the objective of developing engaging mobile apps and their core values are to build elegant, user-oriented apps that users love. Dryrain Technologies believes that apps can be beautiful and simplistic while still achieving powerful results.

What We Do

We help solve the issues our clients face as they embrace the latest mobile technology in the enterprise marketplace. Dryrain Technologies started as a consulting company creating custom solutions for a multitude of fortune 500 companies. Our specialty was building iOS apps around MFi point-of-sale devices. We soon realized that many clients were asking for the same core features. With this knowledge we created a suite of development tools that empowered our clients to create their own solutions. These tools also allow us to rapidly create and deploy mobile apps in a cost effect manner. Today Dryrain Technologies offers a range of products from development tools to no-code-needed MFi integration apps. Staying true to our roots we still provide world class custom software solutions.