Enterprise Browser for Accellos WMS 2015

The AccellosOne Platform is a Composite Application Framework that delivers a series of highly productive system services, a visualization layer ensuring a consistent user experience across a wide variety of applications and a software development environment that supports rapid application development. Built with the latest in Microsoft technologies, the AccellosOne Platform leverages XAML, the presentation technology at the core of the upcoming Windows 8, to provide a Microsoft Office caliber user experience inside a browser. Each of the AccellosOne solutions are accessed via the Platform as a fully participating “native” application. Browser-based third party applications can also be delivered via the Platform as a “docked” application thus creating a fully immersive environment that greatly simplifies the users overall daily activities. The Platform ensures that the end user can move seamlessly between WMS, TMS and EDI applications and efficiently manage their supply chain from a single, uniform dashboard. Accellos has utilized the power of the AccellosOne Platform to not only migrate key aspects of the acquired technologies, but also to develop ten new “native” applications that complement and extend its overall capabilities.

Watch our video to see how the Enterprise Browser helped provide a solution for Red Hawk LLC.

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