How it Works


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Dryrain Technologies’ Enterprise Browser app seamlessly integrates an iOS device with your compatible sled by optimizing the functionality you expect from Apple devices with the reliable scanning technology from mainstream manufactures. It’s the “magic” that makes all hardware and software elements work together for perfect execution with every use.


Instead of requiring dedicated and proprietary software to automate barcode data entry into existing apps, the Enterprise Browser will automatically transcribe the barcode or MSR data contents into a text field on any web page or web-based app, whether using a generic form, custom form, or advanced input field.


Dryrain Technologies offers several operational modes of the Browser. The default mode, or “Basic SoftWedge”, in the Apple® App Store includes intuitive browser controls with the ability to set a default homepage, customize the GUI and layout, and turn on or off the URL bar. The Advanced SoftWedge mode of Enterprise Browser offers additional customization and extended features such as prefixes/suffixes, alternative data entry modes, and more. Finally, the full HTML/Javascript development platform mode takes the operation of the Enterprise Browser out of a simple “SoftWedge” mode and gives a WebApp developer the ability to make and receive hardware calls via Javascript functions. Greater control of the sled hardware, management of native app parameters, and processing data without user intervention are just some of the benefits of the HTML/Javascript Development Platform.


Without Enterprise Browser, users are required to write new apps from the ground up with custom SDK integration through the iTunes store. Save valuable time and money by utilizing Enterprise Browser to enhance your WebApps by adding enterprise scanning and MSR capabilities.

Compatible Hardware

Refer to our Compatiable hardware list, to see what Enterprise Browser version will work for you.


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